Market Potential

- Feb 18, 2017 -

Low voltage, direct current power supply, batteries, solar power, in remote mountainous areas and outdoor lighting, and lack of electricity, and power places.


1, LED lights on the AC drive and ordinary incandescent lamps will Flash, and common energy-saving lamp not flicker. Strobe will make eye fatigue.

2, each LED bulb light too bright, intense irritation of the eyes, do not look, even for a short time, while ordinary energy-saving lamps is relatively softer!

3, angle limits, generally only light 120 °, and few ordinary energy-saving lamp light 360 °.

4, irradiation of the brightness of the room are not outstanding than the energy-saving lamps, led only look within the narrow perspective of the high brightness, and weakened rapidly after departure from the angle of light.

Therefore, energy-saving LED lamps as the advantages of indoor lighting may not be evident than ordinary energy-saving lamps, torches, lamps, spotlights and other just shines a small angle of lighting used is also very good.

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