Lighting Things Up

- May 04, 2017 -

Lighting plays a huge part in determining the ambience and aesthetic appeal of your home. As such, you should be discerning when choosing lighting for your living space.

Watt you need to know

Before anything, take note of wattage when selecting lighting for your home. The wattage of a bulb has to be within the capacity of the lighting fixture you intend to use it for, as too high a wattage not only consumes more energy, but presents a fire hazard.

It also helps to do your research on the different kinds of commercially available light bulbs before you buy them. For example, halogen and LED bulbs tend to use less energy and therefore, save you more money. After all, energy-saving when it comes to lighting doesn’t only involve switching the lights off before you leave the room; energy-efficient bulbs also play a part.

Don't go overboard

Unless you live in a large house with high ceilings, steer clear of huge, extravagant light fixtures like chandeliers. Instead, go for sensible options that won’t look out of place in a condo or HDB flat, such as ceiling lamps, or down lights. The latter requires a false ceiling to be installed, but are chic and understated.

If you do live in a large house with high ceilings, you should still ensure your lighting choices do not make your home look garish and tasteless. If you like something luxurious, chandeliers and candelabras with a modern twist will give your home a touch of flamboyance without making it look gaudy.

Variety is key

Instead of using only one type of lighting in a room, go for a variety of light sources at different angles and levels to give it a flattering ambience. The types and placement of lighting will depend on what you do in that particular space (cooking, work, relaxation, etc).

For instance, to make your bedroom look cosy, place reading lamps on the bedside tables but be sure not to point them directly at your bed. Ceiling lights are handy for when you are getting dressed or spring cleaning, but place them on dimmers so you can vary the ambience the bedroom.

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