LED PAR30 Using Original Imported Chip

- Sep 26, 2017 -

Led Par30 usually refers to a diameter of 95mm height of 120mm led light source, often used in track lights, bold lights, lanterns and so on. LED spotlights are light emitting diodes as spotlights. Traditional spotlights use halogen lamps, low luminous efficiency, more power consumption, LED Par30 higher ambient temperature and shorter service life. Led in the luminous principle, energy-saving, environmental protection on the level is far superior to traditional lighting products. Moreover, the unidirectional nature of LED light has formed the perfect support for light distribution. In the global Low carbon Sustainable development environment, LED Par30 the metal halide lamp is gradually not recommended, LED Par30

Become a new Low-carbon environmental health upgrade alternative light source products.

Led Par30 is the use of high-brightness led as a light-emitting light source, color beautiful, pure color, mixed color uniformity, no spot.

The operating voltage is 220V, has 110V, 12V is available for customer choice. LED Par30 The shell uses the flame retardant anti-static insulating ABSO material or

Made of glass, has good seismic effect. Usually, the life of the lamp Cup is 30,000-50,000 hours.

LED Par30 appearance Generous, the use of imported chips, light efficiency, long life, good stability, high reliability.

LED Par30 Product Features:

• Fin-type heat dissipation structure, through the accurate calculation design, to ensure the lamp service life.

• Fast start-up, low power, no strobe, LED Par30 not easy to produce visual fatigue.

• Original imported chips, high luminous efficiency, long life, good stability, high reliability.

• Does not contain harmful metal lead, mercury, green environmental protection.

• A variety of high-performance lenses, precision matching light, suitable for a wide range of indoor lighting scenes.

• Applicable to the existing conventional E26/e27 interface, easy to install, that is, plug-and-shine.

Widely used in shopping malls, restaurants, conference rooms, exhibition halls, advertising lighting places such as lighting, bring you fantastic mood.

and apply to museums, art galleries, LED Par30 exhibits showcase lighting and other public places

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