LED Par30 Suitable For Automotive Display Lighting

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Led PAR30 usually refers to the a diameter of 95mm height of 120mm led light source, often used in track lights, bold lights, lanterns and so on. LED spotlights are used as light emitting diode light. Traditional spotlights use halogen lamps, low luminous efficiency, more power consumption, LED Par30 higher ambient temperature and shorter service life. Led in the luminous principle, energy-saving, environmental protection on the level is far superior to traditional lighting products. Moreover, the unidirectional nature of LED glows the perfect support for light distribution. In the global Low-carbon environment of sustainable development, LED Par30 the metal halide lamp is gradually not recommended, led PAR30 has become a new Low-carbon environmental health upgrade alternative light source products.

LED PAR30 Application Place: This product with standard E27 lamp holder, diameter 95mm, can replace the traditional PAR30 light source of the best choice. Applicable to automotive display, jewelry, star hotels, brand clothing, high-end clubs, ceramic sanitary ware hall, chain shopping malls, brand business hall, LED Par30 ceramic sanitary ware Hall, museums, furniture stores and other key lighting venues, is to replace the traditional halogen tungsten lamp and metal halide lamp ideal light source.

LED Par30 is a compact LED spotlights, combined with Osram series 16 lamp beads unique light, can produce high-quality light, than traditional halogen lighting source energy saving about 50%. par30led internal configuration computer Cooling fan, long life, low noise, to the maximum extent reduced the light failure. PAR30 LED light appearance concise fashion, never change color. Product structure design scientific and reasonable, simple installation, LED Par30 sturdiness and durability. LED PAR30 spotlights the product uses the high brightness low led luminous tube as the light source, the low voltage constant current drive, the safe reliable, LED Par30 the electricity consumption is few, the life long. The excellent optical design of LED PAR30 spotlights the luminous efficiency and uniformity of the whole luminaire. And can be tailored to the customer on-site conditions of a variety of illuminance effects. LED PAR30 spotlights in the use of the process of simple operation, instant light, no strobe, no sound, no lead, LED Par30 mercury and other harmful substances. It is an ideal substitute for traditional halogen lamps.

LED PAR30 Installation Instructions • When installing and replacing the bulb, the power supply must be cut off; • After installation, the power is not allowed to disassemble the light source when it is working; • When loading and unloading the bulb, LED Par30 the bulb shell temperature may exceed 70 degrees, please pay attention to safety, avoid scald; • Use of the ambient temperature of the bulb is 0-35 degrees, please do not use in humid environment; • Bulb built-in heatsink fans, do not install the light bulb in the dusty, or air flow environment, to avoid the impact of fan speed, thereby shortening the life of the lamp; • The installation of light bulbs is not allowed in the process of decoration, the installation of the lamp before the removal of the ceiling slot when the dust can be installed.

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