LED Par30 Less Power Consumption

- Jul 21, 2017 -

LED Par30 lamp is a high-brightness LED as a light source, bright colors, pure color, uniform color, no light spot.

Series of MR series, HR series, E series, GU series, PAR series. Common are MR11, MR16, GU10, HR16, E27, PAR20, LED Par30, PAR38.

LED Par30 operating voltage is 220V, 110V, 12V available for customers to choose. Shell with flame retardant anti-static insulation ABSO material or

Made of glass, has a good anti-seismic effect. Under normal circumstances, the life of the lamp cup is 30000-50000 hours.


1. Ultra-bright LED light source, low power consumption, long life

2. LED Par30 The use of surface electrostatic spray, small size, easy installation, projection angle adjustment range. Modeling chic elegance, dust,

Anti - leakage.

3. Energy efficient, no heat, no glare, long life

4.LED light source, there are red, yellow, green, blue, white, two-color, LED Par30 seven color gradient, jump and other color combinations. The following are the same as the "

5. The use of electromagnetic compatibility design, LED Par30 does not contain harmful mercury pollution to the environment, to achieve green.

6. Voltage, lamp can be customized according to customer ball.

LED Par30 is now the market is generally the largest and only 18W, you can recommend to you Fengfeng lighting, their latest research and development of the LED P30 reached 35W, life can reach 30,000 hours, saving about 60%.

LED Par30 is a compact LED lighting, LED Par30 combined with OSRAM series 16 lamp beads unique light distribution, can produce high-quality light, than the traditional halogen light source energy saving about 50%. LED Par30LED configuration computer cooling fan, long life, low noise, to the greatest extent reduce the light failure. LED Par30 LED lighting appearance simple and stylish, never change color. Product structure design scientific and reasonable, easy to install, durable. LED Par30 Spotlight The product uses high brightness low decline OSRAM LED light tube as a light source, low voltage constant current drive, safe and reliable, low power consumption, long life. LED Par30 spotlight excellent optical design makes the whole light out of light efficiency, luminous uniform. And can be tailored according to the customer site conditions of various lighting effects. LED Par30 spotlights in the use of simple operation, instant light, no flicker, no sound, lead, mercury and other harmful substances. LED Par30 Is the ideal alternative to traditional halogen lamps.

Installation instructions • When installing and replacing the lamp, LED Par30 the power supply must be switched off. • After installation, power is not allowed to be disassembled. • When installing the lamp, the lamp housing temperature may exceed 70 degrees. Please pay attention to safety, · The ambient temperature of the lamp is 0-35 degrees, please do not use it in a humid environment. · The bulb has a built-in cooling fan, do not install the bulb in dusty dust, or air is not circulated to avoid affecting the fan speed, Of the service life; · decoration is not allowed to install the lamp, install the lamp before cleaning the ceiling to clean the dust generated before the installation of lamps can be installed.

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