LED Par30 Has The Characteristics Of Environmental Protection And Energy Saving

- Nov 02, 2017 -

LED PAR30 spotlights are suitable for lighting and decoration in shopping malls, hotels, windows, brand clothing stores, jewelry stores and other places.

LED Par30 design Features:

1 the surface of the lamp is used for anti-corrosion and anodic oxidation treatment, beautiful and durable, the use of excellent grade aluminum alloy and flame retardant PC composite shell, good thermal resistance.

2 led PAR30 spotlights using LED special magnetic levitation fan cooling and over-temperature protection unique design, heat is effective conduction diffusion, LED Par30 quickly reduce the temperature in the lamp body, heat dissipation effect is good.

3 The product uses high brightness and low decay osram led light-emitting tube as a light source, low voltage constant current drive, safe and reliable, low power consumption, long life.

4 The use of (Germany Osram) imported led, a number of LED components, LED Par30 with high thermal conductivity, light decay, light color pure, no ghosting, good color, to achieve Philips metal halide lamp More than 90% effect, etc.

LED Par30 features.

5 LED service life is long, in more than 50,000 hours (the premise is normal use), according to the daily light of 11-12 hours, led in 12 no need to replace.

6 The LED PAR30 lamp applies the voltage (90-130/180~240 AC), uses the constant current control, the light stable does not have the frequency flicker, overcomes the traditional lamp because the ballast produces the power grid, the noise pollution and the light instability which causes, LED Par30 avoids to causes the negative influence which the eye brings.

7 Environmental protection and energy saving longevity, than the traditional halogen lamp Lantern Festival can more than 60% and metal halide lamp more than 50%, non-polluting, safe and reliable.

8 products through strict quality inspection, in line with CE, LED Par30 RoHS certification, quality assurance.

LED PAR30 Installation Instructions

1, this product standard E27 lamp holder, can be directly in the ordinary lamp replacement.

2. When installing and replacing the bulb, the power supply must be cut off.

3, after the installation, when the power is working, do not allow the charging and disassembling light source;

4, loading and unloading bulb, bulb shell temperature may exceed 70 degrees, please pay attention to safety, avoid scald;

5, the use of the lamp environment temperature of 0-35 degrees, LED Par30 please do not use in the humid environment;

6, the bulb built-in cooling fan, do not install the light bulb in the dusty, or air flow environment, to avoid affecting the fan speed, thereby shortening the lamp's service life;

7, the decoration process does not allow the installation of light bulbs, LED Par30 before the installation of the bulb please clean up the ceiling when the dust produced by the slag can be installed lamps.

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