LED Omni-light Saturation Is Good

- Nov 02, 2017 -

ED Floodlight, it is a kind of special lamp type with excellent heat dissipation function, it is often used by people to industrial and mining industry, LED Floodlight lamp not only has very good illumination effect, concentrating high, but also very environmental protection, the light source is very pure, LED Flood Light guarantee people safe operation.

LED floodlight is a kind of lamps specially designed for floodlight industry, which mainly has the following advantages:

1, le floodlight durable, long service life. LED Flood Light In our lamps and lanterns market, led floodlight almost all uses the high quality aluminum alloy material to carry on the manufacture of the lamp shell, the strength of aluminum alloy is relatively high, all aspects of the performance is relatively stable, therefore, LED Flood Light after a long period of use will not change the phenomenon of line deformation, its surface is a high-pressure electrostatic spray treatment, Make the surface of the lamp grip comfortable, long service life.

2, LED floodlight has certain explosion-proof performance. Considering the particularity of the luminaire location, we are in the production of LED floodlight, LED Flood Light the use of a special explosion-proof structural design, and using tempered glass to make lamps lampshade, coupled with the production of die-casting technology, LED floodlight of the finished product performance is relatively stable, with a certain explosion-proof performance, Very convenient to use, high safety factor.

3, LED floodlight light efficiency high, LED Flood Light has the very good environmental protection performance. After the LED appears, many of our lamps are used led to make, led floodlight is so, we all know. LED is a solid-state cold light source, is a new type of light source, the use of LED production of industrial and mining lamps, LED Flood Light with a very small heating rate, light efficiency is relatively high and low power consumption rate is a relatively ideal floodlight work lamp appliances.

LED Floodlight, English name: LED floodlight; What is led floodlight, led floodlight light emitting angle greater than 40 degree above called LED Floodlight, led floodlight can be adjusted to the range of light, led floodlight in the landscape lighting in the most widely used lamps.

The main features of LED Floodlight are as follows:

1, LED floodlight shell and module using die-casting aluminum (ADC12), to ensure the use of LED floodlight safety (Typhoon 12), led floodlight anti-collision grade to reach IK10.

2, LED floodlight light body shell color can choose: black, White, silver.

3, LED floodlight module design, LED floodlight radiator using high conductivity of aviation aluminum for LED floodlight provides sufficient cooling area, so that led floodlight temperature rise is not higher than 30 ℃.

4, LED floodlight silicone sealing ring using American materials die-casting, so that led Floodlight module radiator and lens perfect combination, LED floodlight lamp waterproof grade can reach IP67.

5, LED Floodlight optical lens: LED Floodlight optical precision design requirements of high, led Floodlight using German Bayer PC raw Materials (Anti-ultraviolet), led floodlight used for 10 years does not change color. LED Floodlight has 7 kinds of light-emitting angle can choose: 25°-40°-80°-120° (Transparent hood-matte cover) -30*70°-70*140°-polarizing 40°, such as multiple-angle selectable, led floodlight to meet professional light, led floodlight to adapt to different occasions.

6, LED floodlight using Osram LED light source, LED floodlight lamp light efficiency >130lm/w, LED floodlight color saturation, LED floodlight display color index ra≥80, LED Floodlight lamp service life is greater than 60,000 hours.

7, LED floodlight installation mode: Led Floodlight can be hoisted, wall mounted, the ground to illuminate the installation. LED Floodlight lamp on both sides of the installation of automatic adjustment lamp angle device, do not need any tools to adjust the angle, LED Floodlight lights each section of 15 degrees, led floodlight maximum can be transferred to 180 degrees.

8, LED floodlight Quality Assurance: 5 years, LED Floodlight products obtained TUV, CE, CB, FCC, SAA, PSE, IK08, IP66.

LED floodlight as an electric light source of the replacement of products has been more and more market recognition, LED floodlight has been applied in many fields.

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