LED Lamps For Special Purposes

- Feb 18, 2017 -

White-light LED bulbs with efficient, low-power market (such as a flashlight, Solar Garden lights and pedestrian lights, bicycle lights, etc) have leadership. Single color LED light is often used in traffic lights and holiday light.

In 2010, the LED lamps become hot topics in horticulture and agriculture. NASA first planted in space using LED lights, Indoor Gardening for household and business followed thereafter. Special lamp specially designed for these plants, the light is absorbed by chlorophyll a wavelength, and promote growth while reducing plant does not absorb light, resulting in waste. In the visible spectrum, only red and blue colors of photosynthesis, these designs have the two colors of the lights. Compared to similar products, these LED lamps provide the same luminosity, without ballast, and much less heat than a gas discharge lamp, used for indoor planting is well suited. Less heat can reduce transpiration, thus reducing the number of filling. Because of this, the use of these plant lights, plants should not be too filling.

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