LED Floodlights Can Illuminate The Entire Scene

- Jun 28, 2017 -

LED floodlight is a kind of surface can be 4 to 8 side of the average point of light, its range of radiation can be any adjustment, in the scene expressed as a positive 8-dimensional icon, floodlight is in the effect of production map application The most extensive light source, the standard flood light used to illuminate the entire scene, the scene can use multiple floodlights to produce better results will be shot with a bulb into a large reflective umbrella for high brightness dispersion Light source, LED Flood Light although the shed is not a lack of lighting, but the general amateur indoor photography, lighting can also be a good result of the light 1.

Floodlights are not spotlights, projection lamps, spotlights, floodlights to create a highly diffuse, non-standard purpose of light rather than a clear outline of the beam, so the shadow is soft and transparent, for the object lighting, The lighting is much slower than the lighting when the lighting is much slower, LED Flood Light and even some of the lighting is very slow slow floodlight, looks like a shadows do not have a shadow, and the spotlight cast directional, the gap clear light metal halide lamp Beam, illuminate a specific area.

Floodlights a wide range of sources: incandescent, energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, xenon lamp, iodine tungsten lamp, LED light source, electrodeless lamp, etc., in accordance with the different lighting needs and cost considerations to choose different light source type The

Floodlights can be said to be the most commonly used, floodlights and flood light is actually only a relative concept, can not be used to draw a scale, so the majority of friends in the demand when the lights, reception communication, Introducing the lamp with the requirements, LED Flood Light we give the targeted selection of the required floodlights.

LED floodlights are now many local can see, exceptionally above the stage. Large activities and concerts are able to see it. Because of its light source suitable for embellishment characters and close-up, it's lighting program can indulge in adjustment, so widely used in the stage.

LED floodlights are used in the production diagram of the most widely used as a light source, standard floodlights used to illuminate the entire scene. LED Flood Light The scene can be used in more than flood light to a better role. Floodlight is the most widely used in the role of a light source, the scene can be used more than the effect of fluorescent light to the birth of a better role.

LED floodlights are from a specific point in all directions evenly illuminate the object, use it to push bulbs and candles better. LED floodlights can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside the camera program, or inside the object. In the scene far and wide use of many different colors of LED floodlights is very wide. These LED floodlights can be dimmed and mixed on the model. Because LED floodlight illumination program is relatively large, so the role of LED floodlight is very simple guess, LED Flood Light and this light there are many auxiliary purposes, for example, LED floodlights placed near the appearance of the object, then the In the appearance of the object appears bright light.

Small current, LED flood light temperature is not obvious. If the ambient temperature is high, the main wavelength of the LED floodlight will be redshift, the brightness will be reduced, uniformity of light, consistency worse. Extra dot matrix, large display of the temperature rise on the LED floodlight reliability, stability, more obvious impact. So the cooling program is critical.

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