Lamp Housing

- Feb 18, 2017 -

LED light has the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection and long service life. But common LED lamp will find, LED brightness due to a particularly large, it is easy to make light into heat, LED lights is very hot. At this point, if LED does not heat as soon as possible, its life will be greatly reduced.

Many LED manufacturers using aluminum housing to LED lighting. Aluminum case easily heat dissipation, the appearance of fine, light weight, a lot of high-end electronic products with aluminum casing. Company laptops, for example "Mac Pro" all-aluminum housing high-end computer products, easy notebook cooling so that the computers don't even have a fan installed.

LED aluminum shell can increase the life of the wick, the LED lights look beautiful. But aluminum lamp Cup cost is more expensive, very high production costs, lamp cups lathe for machining is needed. Therefore, quality LED lights are used in some high quality, aluminum lamp housing.

Another common LED lamp housing is plastic housing. Because of the low cost of a plastic shell, some low-end LED lamps with plastic shell. But the plastic case is not easy to heat, plastic heat also prone to melting and sublimation for harmful gas. So, Europe, North America and Japan will not use plastic housing. Because parts of the country needs large quantities of cheap LED lights, plastic shells in the domestic sales volume is very large.

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