Household Lamps

- Feb 18, 2017 -

Many LED lamp can replace the spiral heat blazing lights or energy saving bulbs from 5-40 watt low power heat of blazing lights, to 60 Watts (only about 7 watts of power). As of 2010, some light can even replace higher wattage bulbs, for example, a 13 watt bulb luminosity which is similar with the 100 Watt hot blazing lights. (Hot blazing lights depending on the efficiency of the general standards, about 14 to 17 lumens per watt, depending on its size and voltage dependent. According to the EU standards, a hot blazing lights with 60 Watt equivalent of "energy-efficient light bulbs", at least to to 806 lumens output. )

Most LED bulbs are designed to be Dim, but some light can work with operation and light angle is narrow. From 2010 onwards, they began the prices from $30 to $50. LED light bulb energy saving bulbs save energy, if the heat sink is right, life time up to 30,000 hours. Heated lamps average only 1000 hour life, energy saving bulbs are only about 8,000 hours. LED bulbs use about 25-30 years, and luminosity attenuation of few. Energy star standard bulb uses prescribed after 6,000 hours, light attenuation should be within 10%, the worst is not over 15%. Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lamps are mercury-free. LED light bulbs have different color choices. Price is high, but with lower power and maintenance costs, the new API is offset.

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