Energy-saving Characteristics

- Feb 18, 2017 -

1.LED high luminous efficiency

Luminous efficiency comparison: incandescent light 10-15lm, Halogen lighting effect for the 12-24 lumen/Watt, fluorescent 50-90 LM/w, sodium 90-140 LM/w and most of the electricity as heat loss.

LED light effect: can be sent to 50-200 LM/w, and glowing color, good spectral narrow, without filtering, can directly issue coloured visible light.

2.LED light low power consumption

LED tube power 0.03-0.06 w, DC drive, single-drive voltage of 1.5-3.5 volts. Current 15-18 Ma reflect speed fast, can in high frequency operation, with in also lighting effect of situation Xia, power consumption is incandescent of one out of 10,000, fluorescent tube of one-second, Japan estimated, as used light effect than fluorescent also to high twice times of LED alternative Japan half of incandescent and fluorescent, and annual can save equivalent to 6 billion rose crude oil, also effect of a support fluorescent more than 40 more w, and used LED each support of power only 18 w.

3.LED light source long life

Incandescent, and fluorescent, and halogen tungsten lamp is used electronic light field radiation glow, filament glow easy burn, hot deposition, and light attenuation, features, and used LED lamp volume small, weight light, epoxy resin package, can bear high strength mechanical impact and vibration, easily broken, average life up 350,000 hours, LED lamps using life can up 3-5 years, can greatly reduced lamps of maintenance costs avoid often for lamp of bitter.

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