Attention Points

- Feb 18, 2017 -

Cheap 1, carefully trap, LED light prices vary greatly, with the color and brightness of LED, the price difference on several times. This gap is mainly reflected in the LED reliability and process light, appearance and other functions. Low prices LED the small chip size, electrode crude, used materials (Phosphors and glue) is poor, poor resistance to current, temperature and humidity changes, light fades fast, short life, so the blind pursuit of low prices could be counter-productive.

2, identify the relevant standards, from a security point of view, products should be in line with the relevant international and national standards. Because the LED is a new product, AFNOR, lagging only the conformity testing. International safety certification (including GS, CE, UL, etc) is the standard to measure the LED lamp quality, while countries with international safety certification and product quality certificate of the manufacturers do not, purchase requires careful identification of the certificate's authenticity. International security certification of the product, the price is generally higher.

3 choose constant current power supply LED lamps, LED drive power resistor, capacitor, IC, component prices vary greatly, the entire power supply used in programme and design of the line itself will directly affect the quality of the product. Some driver just constant pressure and not constant current, LED lamps must be constant in order to better ensure that the quality and service life. Therefore, when purchasing this requires extra attention, especially for high power LED lights.

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