Driverless 30W 50W 100W LED Flood Lights, Slim

Driverless 30W 50W 100W LED Flood Lights, Slim

LED Flood Lights 30w, 100 w LED Flood Light, Outdoor LED Flood Lights 50w .

Product Details

These slim Driverless LED Flood Light are driverless LED light engines (AC-LED light engines) simplify the led flood light design. The latest driverless LED Flood Light implementations combine up to 93% electrical efficiency with low cost and no perceptible flicker. energy-saving with 10 times long lifespan compared to halogen lighting. High performance low cost maintenance in commercial and residential lighting. The AC-LED light engines produce driverless led flood light in slim led flood light with small volume, save freight cost in transportation.

The slim Driverless LED Flood Light can offer you thousands of hours of light without using a lot of electricity making them one of the most efficient bulbs of their kind on the market today.  If you are willing to lower your bills without it having an impact on the amount of light that you have, please find the slim driverless 30W 50W 100W led flood lights, we hope one of them will be definitely the ideal solution for you.



Input Voltage:AC85 - 265V, 50-60HZ

Available Power:30w 50w 100w

Luminous Flux: 2400lm 4000lm 8000lm

AC-LED light engines: Driverless LED light engines

Material: Aluminum

IP rating: IP65

Emitting Color: 3000K / 4500K / 6000K

Color rendering index(CRI): >80

Beam Angle: 120℃

Applications:( Slim Driverless 30W 50W 100W LED Flood lights for commercial and residential used )

For details of Slim Driverless 30W 50W 100W LED Flood lights at

You are most welcome to try and buy the Driverless 30W 50W 100W LED Flood Lights, Slim from our factory. As one of the perfessional suppliers in China, we also offer customized service. Please call us now for a  quotation tailored to your specifications.

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