15W 30W 60W Ultra Thin Driverless LED Flood Lights

15W 30W 60W Ultra Thin Driverless LED Flood Lights

Residential LED FloodLights, 60w LED Flood Light, Driverless LED Flood Light.

Product Details

Incorporating the latest in high voltage LED technology, generating better quality and more efficiency driverless LED Flood lights. these led flood lights are working no power supply needed, ultra thin in size, not only reduces the manufacturing cost, transportation cost is also reduced. High performance ultra thin driverless led flood lights are available in 15W, 30W, 60W, 100W verson, which have now become a commonplace item of commerce in the lighting industry. If you want to lower your electricity bill every month, we recommend you to use these driverless led flood lights to solve your problem.



Input Voltage: AC110v or  AC 220V

Available Power: 15w 30w 60w 100w

Luminous Flux: 1200lm 2400lm 4800lm 8000lm

AC-LED light engines:Driverless LED light engines

Material: Aluminum Housing

IP rating: IP65

Emitting Color: 3000K / 4500K / 6000K

Color rendering index(CRI): >80

Beam Angle:120℃

Available driverless led flood light product size:

5led 9 - 15W:Size:Length(350px)*Height(87.5px)*Width(227.5px)

5led 9 - 30W:Length(450px)*Height(87.5px)*Width(302.5px)

5led 9 - 60W:Length(625px)*Height(112.5px)*Width(427.50000000000006px)

5led 9 - 100W:Length(877.5px)*Height(137.5px)*Width(602.5px)

Applications:(15W 30W 60W ultra thin driverless LED Flood lights for commercial and residential used)

For details of 15W 30W 60W ultra thin driverless LED Flood lights at sales@5ledlights.com

You are most welcome to try and buy the 15W 30W 60W Ultra Thin Driverless LED Flood Lights from our factory. As one of the perfessional suppliers in China, we also offer customized service. Please call us now for a  quotation tailored to your specifications.

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